AETA 2013 Scholarship Winner Report: Gretchen Frost

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Published on: December 19, 2013

I can’t begin to express the appreciation I have for being selected as an AETA scholarship recipient for this year’s conference in Reno, Nevada. The organization offered me not only monetary support, but welcoming arms as well. There were numerous practitioners that voluntarily introduced themselves which really helped the overwhelming feeling I had on the first day. The conference not only allowed me to meet several practitioners, but helped me to gain a better understanding of where the world of embryo transfer is today and where it is headed. My expectations of networking and gaining a better understanding of new technologies were definitely met.

I was perhaps most impressed when the board invited all of us recipients to join them for lunch and took the chance to get to know us. Too often, boards or other “higher-ups” are very busy and don’t take the time to ask for criticism, but they did. They willingly asked how to improve upon the student sector of AETA and what to do better for next year. I want to truly thank them for making all of us feel like we were not just students, but equally part of the association and that our input mattered.

The topics covered this year were all informative and comprehensive as a whole. I particularly enjoyed hearing different practitioner’s techniques and secrets that they have fine-tuned over the years. Other conferences I have been to involve talks that are not always real world applicable but this was definitely not the case. As an upcoming practitioner, I felt that this information will be more than useful to help begin my career. Again, I was impressed that so many practitioners willingly shared mistakes and successes with colleagues to become better as a whole association. Also, the IVF discussions were very educational and got me more than excited for the future. I was eager to learn of this growing technology and the place it will have in reproduction.

In closing, I want to thank the AETA for the scholarship and for allowing me to attend the conference. I appreciate the friendliness and welcoming I felt from all the members. After this experience, I am greatly encouraged of the opportunities that potentially lie ahead for new practitioners and am eager to continue my membership with the AETA.

Gretchen Frost

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