AETA 2013 Scholarship Winner Report: Andrew Dietsche

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Published on: December 19, 2013

Thank you so much to the American Embryo Transfer Association and the Membership Committee for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. When I first wrote my essay back in August, I anticipated three main benefits of attending the AETA Conference. These included: increasing my depth and breadth of knowledge of both in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, learning more about the capabilities of ultrasound, and gaining a greater appreciation of practice management including strategic planning for the future of an embryo transfer business.  As I look back at the conference in Reno, my expected benefits were easily surpassed through the contents and participants in the conference.

The conference started at LakeRidge Golf Course on a brisk Thursday morning.  I was pleasantly surprised at the camaraderie of those participating in the tournament instantly feeling accepted within the group.  My golf game was less than to be desired, but I had an exceptional time and met many new practitioners and others within the industry. Looking back, that morning was just a glimpse of how tight knit and unique the AETA is compared to other associations that I have encountered.

ET 101 and Saturday’s afternoon sessions in IVF left a lasting impression and met my first expected benefit of attending the AETA conference.  ET 101 was a great step-by-step presentation of the in vivo process with many inputs from experienced practitioners in the crowd.  I appreciated how honest and frank many individuals were along with the dialogue between practitioners.  As a future practitioner, the session was very beneficial and strengthened my foundational knowledge of embryology, donor and recipient management, and handling and freezing of embryos.  The IVF session was particularly interesting as three leading companies presented their IVF information.  I was struck by the complexity of the whole process and the research that has enhanced each step.  The basic knowledge of culturing, fertilizing, and maturing oocytes will be beneficial when working with these companies and future clients.

The sessions on ultrasound were particularly interesting to me as I believe it is essential for a young veterinarian to be competent in this technology. I was exposed to difference ideas on how to increase my marketability via early pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sexing, setting up donors, and checking recipients. The sessions further enhanced my capabilities and gave me new ideas on how to apply this technology for a future practice.

The AETA conference offered countless networking opportunities and provided a chance to develop lasting relationships. The sessions provided in practice management, data management, and strategic planning gave me the opportunity to better develop my understanding of the embryo transfer business. In particular, the sessions on computer based documentation and billing programs gave me ideas on how to enhance a business’ efficiency and organization.  With the skills and knowledge I acquired, I hope to be an asset to my future employer and become a vital component of the clinic’s direction.

Again, thank-you to the AETA for your investment in my education, for I was truly humbled to be a scholarship recipient in Reno, Nevada. Your eagerness to support the next generation of ET practitioners is appreciated. I anticipate attending for many years to come and am already looking forward to seeing many familiar faces in Madison, WI next year.


Andrew Dietsche


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