December 2013 President’s Letter

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Published on: December 20, 2013

As my term as President will end in just a few weeks, it seemed like an appropriate time to look back and extend a few well deserved and sincere thanks to those who have made my tenure such a pleasurable experience.  I mentioned in Reno what an honor it has been to be able to serve on the board and I feel very fortunate to have had such a great group of practitioners to work with along the way.  I will admit to a certain amount of relief in having the annual meeting behind me and I am sure you will agree that it was a great success.  Michael Pugh, Charles Looney, Francois-Xavier Grand and David Hamilton did a wonderful job putting together a program that had something for everyone.

I would also like to thank the membership committee for once again selecting a fine group of student scholarship winners.  I hope that many of you had the opportunity to interact with these impressive individuals who are the future of our organization.  Looking ahead to Madison we anticipate an even stronger student contingent beyond our scholarship winners.  Our hope is to do a better job of identifying our student attendees early in the program in Madison and make them more recognizable by their badge.  It has also been suggested that we try and pair these students with a mentor at the conference.  This would be an informal arrangement and hopefully provide each student with a familiar face, someone to make introductions and perhaps have lunch.  Please keep this in mind as 2014 progresses and let us know if you would be interested.

In the last newsletter I detailed some of the events regarding my trip to India over the summer.  The focus of that trip was to represent the AETA and forward the process of cultivating a better trade relationship with an emerging market that has tremendous potential.  Subsequent to that trip we have hosted a number of Indian delegates and had two in attendance at our meeting in Reno.  Our cooperator committee is currently in contact with a number of parties in that region and I mention it in this letter with the intent of pointing out just a small portion of the work that occurs on a daily basis within our organization at the committee level.  It would be cumbersome and inappropriate to make any attempt to thank these individuals – they do not serve for the accolades – but I do feel compelled to point out that, if nothing else, my time on the board has given me a deep appreciation for the amount of dedication and work that occurs unnoticed.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to serve on the board of directors.  I hope to see many of you again soon in Reno at the IETS meeting.  Until then, Happy Holidays and safe travels.


Kevin A. Lindell

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