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Published on: August 30, 2013

Greetings to the AETA membership,

Thanks to the person or persons who came up with the idea of a column written by retired or older practitioners.  It’s great to keep up with friends and acquaintances in the association.

Our semi-retirement has sort of evolved.  Jeanette and I have moved our primary residence from our original location in Southwest PA to the Williamsport area in Northeast PA.  I sold most of my ET equipment and sold my freezer and transfer instrument business to Visions Embryo Transfer Supply, LLC.  However, I have trouble staying away from dairy farms, so we rent a house where used to live in Bedford County and still work for a week a month, mostly doing reproductive ultrasound. Time seems to become history in a hurry, and it has been over 20 years since Brad Stroud got me interested in ultrasound.

Bedford County has excellent trout streams, so I also make time for fishing while in the area.

As most of you know, Williamsport is the home of the Little League World Series in late August.  It is really good baseball, free admission and $2.00 hot dogs.  It’s a great time and place for a vacation week.

Actually, where we live is known as the Endless Mountain Region about 30 miles Northeast of Williamsport.  It’s beautiful country, but a bit removed from handy air travel.  We would like to attend more meetings, but the older we get the less we want the problems of flying.  Outside of going to Austin, TX to visit our son and his family, we try to stick to driving for trips.  Our daughter and her family are in Rochester, NY and with going there for visits and back to Bedford County monthly, we’re on the road a good bit.

Our activities in the spring, summer and fall months revolve pretty much around the LL series, picnics, fairs, community and church, blueberry picking, gardening and lawn mowing.  Winter is the time for high school basketball games, hunting and trying to stay warm.

My main civic interest is conservation and clean streams.  We have streams everywhere in this area and many different conservation type groups to which one can belong.

Life in the very sparsely populated countryside might seem boring to some, but we enjoy being able to take time to “smell the roses.”

Here’s wishing health and happiness to all,

Walter (Bud) North

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