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Published on: August 30, 2013

In April-May 2013, AETA member Dr. Catalina Cabrera traveled to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to assist a livestock services company in embryo transfer and artificial insemination techniques.  Dr. Cabrera’s work was conducted for CNFA through the USAID-supported Farmer-to-Farmer Program (F2F).  On assignment, Dr. Cabrera worked with the manager and proprietor of Metskhoveleobis Bazari to create an appropriate niche for the future introduction of breeds that will improve the weight gain, beef quality, and production of cattle in Georgia. She traveled to the southwest region of the country to conduct training in embryo transfer and artificial insemination, including a review of the advantages of the procedures, anticipated results, and actual techniques. Catalina encouraged participation by the veterinarians and producers present throughout the training, and created proponents of her training by addressing doubts and concerns. Embryo transfer was a key element of the assignment, and Dr. Cabrera particularly highlighted the appropriate selection of surrogate mothers in the training.

Fellow F2F volunteer Brent Van Dyke spoke highly of Dr. Cabrera’s performance, drawing attention to her knowledge and professionalism that quickly instilled trust and respect in the 30 farmers that received direct formal training. Fifty percent of the 50 embryos were transferred and are expected to be born in February 2014, and will produce faster results in the improvements in cattle and beef quality.  The two volunteers plan to further their work together with artificial inseminations, embryo transfers, and continued trainings in the following year with the remaining frozen embryos.

We are working with several other AETA members who reached out to CNFA as a result of the announcement on AETA’s website, in the hope of sending them to the field as well before our Farmer-to-Farmer Program closes in September.  We appreciate the collaboration and support from AETA, which has already yielded great results.

Submitted by Erin Baize, CNFA Program Officer

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