August 2013 President’s Letter

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Published on: August 30, 2013

FamilyIt has been a busy and exciting summer in the Lindell household.  Earlier this week Denise and I deposited our son (our oldest child) at the undergraduate campus of Tufts University to begin his college career.  It was a day full of mixed emotions and a long, quiet car ride home but I am excited for him to begin this new chapter in his life. Thank you for indulging the philosophical start to this letter.  We sometimes need these milestone events to keep our lives and priorities in perspective.  It has certainly affected my thought process and I couldn’t resist posting the family picture instead of my own.

I also had an eye-opening experience this summer travelling to India at the end of July on a USDA-Emerging Markets Program Grant.  Genex and Mr. Dean Gilge were gracious to include an AETA member on this formal trade mission and I am proud to have had the opportunity to represent our organization and the U.S. ET industry.  Our group spoke at conferences in Delhi and Pune and spent a significant amount of time touring the dairy industry in the state of Maharashtra.  We had the opportunity to interact with everyone from high-ranking government officials to producers with 3 or 4 cows.  The hospitality of the Indian people from the crowded streets of Delhi to the rural farms around Pune was spectacular and it was fascinating to get such an in-depth look at a dairy industry that produces more milk than any other in the world.  While this is through sheer numbers rather than production per cow, it was immediately striking how much our two industries have in common.  Within 24 hours of my arrival I had conversations with producers and others that could have taken place any day of the week in my practice on topics that make you realize just how universal cow care and milk production really is.  It is my hope that we forwarded the work begun by the members of our cooperator committee who visited India last summer and are making inroads into this potentially significant ET market.

With international trade in mind, I hope you have all had the opportunity to visit the trade-leads site that is up and running on our website.  Just log-in, click the Member Services tab and select the Trade-Leads tab to access this information or post a lead of your own.  Many thanks to our Education and Cooperator committee members, as well as FASS, for making this happen.

I would also like to thank those of our members who are organizing and participating in the AABP preconference embryo transfer wet lab.  In the last newsletter I mentioned that the board had voted to provide a financial safety-net to this program in the event of poor participation.  I am pleased to relay Dr. Hinshaw’s report that these funds will not be necessary due to the excellent enrollment.  All slots are filled and he has unfortunately had to turn away some individuals.  This speaks well to the quality of the program and its instructors and points to continued success in the future.

For those of you with an interest in small ruminant ET work, a new AETA training video will be released at the Annual AETA/CETA-ACTE Conference in Reno, NV.  This will be accessible to our membership via the website free of charge and DVD’s will be available for purchase at the registration desk.

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing you all out west and wish you safe travels to Reno in October.

Kevin A. Lindell

AETA President

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