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AETA Externships

Many AETA members are pleased to host student externs at their practices. The following list is offered to facilitate contact between AETA members and prospective externs. If you are looking for an externship position and do not see one listed in your area, please check the Membership Directory and contact the individual practitioners in your area directly.

AETA members: please edit your AETA demographics to add or remove your externship listing.

Name City, State Country Date Posted
Dr. Richard T Geary DVM St. Anthony, ID United States 1/1/2022
Dr. Travis L White DVM Sioux Center, IA United States 1/6/2020
Dr. Peter R Schmitt DVM Huxley, IA United States 12/17/2019
Dr. Clint B Walhof Tulare, CA United States 12/16/2019
Kyle Raab Bethesda, MD United States 12/5/2019
Dr. Victor A Absalon Medina PhD Dublin, OH United States 12/2/2019
Mr. Ronald G Clements Watkinsville, GA United States 12/1/2019
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