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What is AETA Certification?

The American Embryo Transfer Association (AETA), representing organizations engaged in the commercial practice of embryo transfer, recognizes its responsibility and obligation to establish performance standards for the embryo transfer industry in order to enhance the public image of the industry and to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all records pertaining to the parentage of the resulting offspring.

The AETA Certification Program, established in 1985, is a voluntary program and is not contingent upon membership in the AETA. In order to be eligible for certification a practitioner must hold either (1) a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent degree, or (2) a Ph.D. with emphasis in animal reproductive physiology. This individual must have passed the AETA Certification Exam. He/she has the necessary equipment available, and the knowledge to properly collect, freeze and thaw embryos.

The objective and purpose of the AETA Certification Program is to establish and maintain standards within the embryo transfer industry and to ensure that the certified practitioner meet or exceeds these standards while performing the procedures involved with the practice of embryo transfer.

The AETA Certification Program works closely with USDA/APHIS to qualify and meet specific protocols for export of U.S. bovine embryos to foreign markets.

View Updated Certification Guidelines Here

How to become AETA Certified
  1. Certification Application must be completed and postmarked 21 days prior to exam date. An e-mail address must be provided by new certified companies. Do NOT staple any forms or application papers.
  2. Operating Agreement must be completed.
  3. Certification guidelines must be reviewed. - Updated August 2020
  4. The Certification Exam must be passed. A study guide is available.
  5. Certification fees must be paid.
How to maintain AETA Certification
  1. Annual Certification dues must be received. Pay online today! By paying the certification fee of $100.00 (required annually), you agree to adhere to all guidelines within the Operating Agreement.
  2. A total of 50 CE's must be earned within the 5-year cycle. Need to look up your status CLICK HERE?
  3. Certified individuals are required to submit an annual report of their embryo collection and transfer data to the AETA Statistics Committee.
  4. The annual quiz must be passed. This quiz is given during the certification session at the AETA annual meeting. Quiz results are based on attendance. Full meeting CE credit cannot be received unless certified individuals take the quiz.
  5. Each certified practitioner is responsible for enrolling themselves in one required supplemental certification session per every 5-year cycle. These sessions will have limited attendance and will only take place at the AETA convention.

A Certified Embryo Transfer Practitioner Certificate is available.

Additional questions? Contact the AETA Certification Committee.

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