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Published on: April 30, 2013

Congratulations to the four individuals who passed the Certification Exam given at the AETA/CETA meeting in Winnipeg.  They are Rodney Bachtell, William Croushore, Justin Powell, and Jason Walker.  As a way of introducing these practitioners to the rest of the membership, the newsletter staff asked them to reply to a few questions.

Rodney Bachtell practices at Twin Oaks Dairy in Mercersburg, PA.  He received his DVM from VMRCVM in 1987.  Rodney was in mixed animal practice, mostly dairy between 1987 and 2004; in 2004 he went into an all dairy practice with emphasis on reproduction and mastitis.  He started doing embryo transfer in 2000 after he attended Dr. Drost’s workshop.  Rodney has dabbled some in ovine and cervid ET.  He became certified at the request of some of his clients and he wishes that he had done it sooner; preparing for the test was a great review.  Future plans include export work as it becomes available, increasing his small ruminant experience, and attending more AETA conventions.


meBill Croushore practices at the White Oak Veterinary Clinic, PC, in Berlin, PA.  He is also a weekly columnist for the Daily American newspaper in Somerset, PA.  Bill has as BS in Pharmacy from Duquesne University, 1992, and a DVM from VMRCVM, 1997.  Bill has been flushing cow for about three and a half years.  Before that he had been transferring direct transfer embryos for five years and performing reproductive ultrasound exams for ten years.  In the future he plans to continue conventional flushing and direct transfer as well as develop on-farm OPU for IVF portion of the practice.  Bill is not thinking of full time ET practice at the present, but he is not ruling it out for the future.


IMAG0505_1_1Jason Walker is a full time ET practitioner who works in conjunction with Huels Embryo Transfer Service in Altamount, IL. Jason also provides fetal sexing and diagnostic ultrasound services.  He received his DVM from the University of Illinois in 2011 and he had internships with Stan Huels, Brad Stroud, and Chuck Gue.  In the future he looks to expand his ET business and offer more services.




Unfortunately at press time we had not heard back from Justin Powell;  and we can easily include his bio  in a later edition.  In the meantime, if you see Justin or any of these other guys at the next meeting, go ahead and introduce yourself to them.

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