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Ano-genital distance relates to fertility

Effect of dose and timing of prostaglandin F2α treatments during a 7-d Ovsynch protocol on progesterone concentration at the end of the protocol and pregnancy outcomes in lactating Holstein cows

Estradiol cypionate administered at the end of a progesterone-based protocol for FTAI induces ovulation and improves postovulatory luteal function and uterine environment in anestrous beef cows

Association between heat stress during intrauterine development and the calving-to-conception and calving-to-first-service intervals in Holstein cows

Impact of ethanol and heat stress–dependent effect of ultra-diluted Arnica montana 6 cH on in vitro embryo production in cattle

Analysis of bovine blastocysts indicates ovarian stimulation does not induce chromosome errors, nor discordance between inner-cell mass and trophectoderm lineages

Developmental kinetics and viability of bovine embryos produced in vitro with sex-sorted semen

Heat stress and reproduction – A foreword

Growing cattle embryos beyond Day 8 – An investigation of media components

Melatonin enhances in vitro developmental competence of cumulus-oocyte complexes collected by ovum pick-up in prepubertal and adult dairy cattle

Effect of expression of estrus and treatment with GnRH on pregnancies per AI in beef cattle synchronized with an estradiol/progesterone-based protocol

The incompletely fulfilled promise of embryo transfer in cattle—why aren’t pregnancy rates greater and what can we do about it?

2021 IETS proceedings

Effects of epidermal growth factor and progesterone on oocyte meiotic resumption and the expression of maturation-related transcripts during prematuration of oocytes from small and medium-sized bovine antral follicles              

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