Remember When? AETA Past Meeting History

Fast Facts:

1983 – First Convention 

1983 Proceedings Cover
1983 Presentation
AETA Board of Directors, 1982-1983
(at Select Embryos, Ohio, 1983)

Major historical challenges to the AETA and the ET industry in the US

Mr. Duell’s Mistakes 

Reproduction processes for cellular bodies
US patent no. 3,854,470,  (Filed Nov. 1973;  issued Dec. 17,1974)
(L.L. Augspurger, a Michigan attorney at law)

100 separate claims, including:

Patent Infringement suits filed in Federal Court in Chicago in Feb. 1981
Injunctions to cease ET work were issued against the following:

Additional history of Augspurger patent trial

Cryopreservation Process for Direct Transfer of Embryos
US patent no. 5,160.312,  (Filed Feb. 6, 1991;  issued Nov. 3, 1992)
(Inventor:  Steve Voelkel)

21 separate claims, including:

Additional history of Voelkel DT/EG patent problem

Mouse morulae (left) prior to exposure to media from toxic syringes. Mouse morulae (right) cultured for 48hr following 3hr exposure to media held in toxic syringes for 3hr.

Large in-house ET firms no longer in business

Em Tran, Inc. and Em Tran-West, Inc. – Personnel




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