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Published on: June 17, 2016

Articles of Interest

Effects of label-dose permethrin administration in yearling beef cattle: I. Reproductive function and embryo quality of superovulated heifers

Effects of label-dose permethrin administration in yearling beef cattle: I. Bull reproductive function and testicular histopathology

The 9-day CIDR-PG protocol: Incorporation of PGF2α pretreatment into a long-term progestin-based estrus synchronization protocol for postpartum beef cows

N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA during IVM affected oocyte developmental competence in cattle

Use of bovine pregnancy-associated glycoproteins to predict late embryonic mortality in postpartum Nelore beef cows

Effects of rumen-protected methionine and choline supplementation on the preimplantation embryo in Holstein cows

Ovarian follicular growth suppression by long-term treatment with a GnRH agonist and impact on small follicle number, oocyte yield, and in vitro embryo production in Zebu beef cows

Effect of uterine size on fertility of lactating dairy cows

Synchronization of ovulation in cattle with an aromatase inhibitor–based protocol

Efficacy of progesterone supplementation during early pregnancy in cows: A meta-analysis

The effect of parturition induction treatment on interval to calving, calving ease, postpartum uterine health, and resumption of ovarian cyclicity in beef heifers

The activity of three glycosidases (β-Ν-acetyloglucosaminidase, α-mannosidase, and β-galactosidase) in the follicular fluid and in the maturation medium affects bovine oocyte maturation

Application of a microfluidic sperm sorter to in vitro production of dairy cattle sex-sorted embryos

Improved fertility in suckled beef cows ovulating large follicles or supplemented with long-acting progesterone after timed-AI

Progesterone supplementation during the time of pregnancy recognition after artificial insemination improves conception rates in high-producing dairy cows

The base medium affects ultrastructure and survival of bovine preantral follicles cultured in vitro

Successful vitrification of bovine immature oocyte using liquid helium instead of liquid nitrogen as cryogenic liquid

Addition of L-arginine to the fertilization medium enhances subsequent bovine embryo development rates

Ovarian characteristics and timed artificial insemination pregnancy risk after presynchronization with gonadotropin-releasing hormone 7 days before PGF in dairy cows

A new direct transfer protocol for cryopreserved IVF embryos

Molecular markers for oocyte competence in bovine cumulus cells

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