AETA 2015 Scholarship Winner Report: Matthew Snyder

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Published on: December 16, 2015

I would like to take the time to thank the AETA, its members, and its scholarship committee for giving me the opportunity and financial support to attend the 2015 AETA–CETA/ACTE joint convention. My main goals for the conference were to learn more about current research in the industry, to learn new techniques, and to learn from successful people within the industry. Ultimately, the knowledge that I have gained by attending the conference has greatly impacted me and will help me to become a better embryologist. The committee did an excellent job of selecting speakers with a wide range of topics that made for an excellent educational experience that allowed me to accomplish all of my objectives for the conference.

I was extremely intrigued by the current research efforts that were presented at each of the different sessions of the conference. I felt that these presentations were extremely applicable to myself as both a student researcher and budding embryologist. The presentations provided invaluable information on current research that is being done within the industry. I especially enjoyed the presentations that looked at IVF and imprinting as they pertain to my current area of research. As a researcher, I enjoyed these talks, and they inspired me to contemplate future projects that could be done and that would be beneficial to the industry. Immediately upon returning from the conference, I began implementing new embryo handling techniques that were presented during the student–trainee sessions.

The conference provided me with an invaluable opportunity to network with both leaders within the industry as well as fellow peers. It is rare to find a situation in which students are able to interact with and learn from so many leaders within the industry in a single setting. I particularly enjoyed the student luncheon as we received excellent advice from practitioners on how they became successful within the field of embryology. I truly appreciate the time they spent meeting with all of us students. I also feel that it was a great opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students at the conference and to learn about their career goals. I will hopefully be seeing all of my fellow trainees for years to come.

I truly appreciate the AETA for providing me with the opportunity to attend the yearly meeting. It was an invaluable experience that I feel fortunate to have had. All of the members were very welcoming, and it was great opportunity to learn about current career options as well as to get advice for the future. I really enjoyed this experience, and I am thankful for being provided with the opportunity to gain knowledge that will help me to become a better embryologist.


Matthew Snyder

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