September 2015 President’s Letter

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Published on: September 23, 2015

By now ALL of you should have your meeting registration completed, hotel reservations made, and airplane tickets booked. That’s right folks, it is again time to meet up with our Canadian and American embryo transfer buddies, enjoy a cocktail or a Coke, and talk ET. Refer to Bethany’s report and the website to find out more about the many exciting things coming our way in Niagara!

It has been another quiet quarter thus far at the board level, which is just okay given the busyness we all endure with summer breeding season followed closely by those fun family vacations. We did recently approve a site for the 2017 meeting, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, in October. Now it’s time to dig our AETA spurs in and get to work on improving our organization. I’m looking forward to a productive board meeting in Niagara and to hopefully picking up organizational pace as we go through the fall months and into winter. Your suggestions on how to improve our organization are always welcome.

Our membership committee, professionally led by Mark James, has reported another stellar list of scholarship recipients. Eight outstanding students were selected from a pool of 25, and I’m told it was not an easy decision. Student interest in the AETA continues to exist at a high level, and we need for this to continue.

The US Department of Agriculture recently predicted farm incomes by the end of 2015 to be half of what they were at their peak two years ago, and equal to those in 2002 after adjusting for inflation. Additionally, debate, litigation, and political battles over the WOTUS act (Waters of the United States) are real and present as it recently went into effect. Let us hope these do not end up distracting our clients’ desires toward progress and investment in genetic improvement, but we also need to be realistic and prepared if that were to happen. I am proud to be part of an industry that has thus far maintained high consumer confidence and activity even when other industries and economies have struggled.

Best of luck to you and your ETB in helping our cattlemen and dairymen win with their genetic programs this fall.


Jon Schmidt, DVM

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