AETA 2013 Scholarship Winner Report: Phillip Firth

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Published on: December 19, 2013

I would like to start off by thanking AETA for the opportunity to attend its annual conference.  The meeting was excellent.  It was time well spent and you are an organization that I look forward to participating in for years to come.

I had many objectives for attendance, the main being to gain contacts and friendships with practitioners that make a living doing embryo transfer work.  This was not hard to do.  Everyone was friendly and concerned about my future career plans and success.  I also wanted to get an idea of some business models that have worked for others.  The practice and data management sessions were excellent for ideas that I can build on as I go forward.  Finally, I wanted to get a good review of the basics of transfer, superovulation, breeding of donors, and freezing.  The ET 101 session provided a great step-by-step evaluation of techniques and physiology.  Also extremely valuable was the opportunity to listen to many experienced practitioners sharing their tips on what works best in different clinical settings.

For a soon to be new graduate and ready to get started in the world of embryo transfer, perhaps the most intriguing topic was that of IVF.  I’ve realized the need to reassess the skills and knowledge that I may need in order to be a viable part of the industry in the future.  As I’ve returned back to school, IVF has been an interesting topic of discussion with professors and classmates.

Thank you for a great experience and for your continued support of students.

Phillip Firth
WSU CVM Class of 2014

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